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10 Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

In a world of designing for print ready files, a graphic designer’s struggle can be oh-so-real. Although being a successful graphic designer can be a rewarding experience, just like any other career, there are problems that can arise if attention to detail slips even a little bit. Don’t worry though, most problems that occur in a graphic designer’s line of work can be easily prevented beforehand to make their job just a little easier, not to mention reduce the

ever-present headache that these issues may induce. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid, check it out:


1: Lack of Communication

Not staying in touch with the client is the number one mistake most graphic designers make when first starting a design project. Your client should be able to get ahold of you at all times, and you should be reaching out as well.

2: Not Understanding the Brief

Not having a clear idea of what the client wants can end up making matters way more complicated than they need to be. Be sure to ask questions about anything that may seem even remotely unclear, and stay in constant contact to ensure that the project is heading in the right direction.

3: Too Many Different Fonts

Using too many fonts in one design may make your project look amateur at best, cluttering the piece of work with too many disagreeing components. Remember to keep it simple to maintain a polished piece of work.

4: Strange Color Combinations

Just because many colors may attract a lot of attention, doesn’t mean that it’s the right kind of attention. Too many colors can be overwhelming and may look busy, so be sure to have a clear idea of your clients desired color palate before you start.

5: Not Discussing Deadlines

Not setting a deadline, or even discussing that there is one is a crucial mistake that may cause severe problems down the road. Be sure to have an idea of when your client needs their project before you start and allow yourself ample time to complete the project on time.

6: Using Low Resolution Images

Using images without adequate resolution in your compilation will result in a poor quality final product. Be sure to use images with at least 300 DPI for all projects intended for print.

7: Not Designing Logos in Vector Format

Not designing logos in vector format limits the applications that the file can be used for, let alone prohibits you from easily altering or resizing. Be sure to create all logos in vector form and save yourself a lot of trouble.

8: Forgetting That White Space is Your Friend

Just because a file may have plenty of white space, doesn’t mean the design is lacking. Don’t forget to cut the clutter for a streamline and well-polished look.

9: Working Destructively

Working destructively means making permanent adjustments to the pixels within your design without being able to go back and re-edit later on. To avoid this issue, try using layer masks instead of the eraser tool.

10: Copying Another Designer

Graphic and Web Art is original ideas! They are crucial to your success. Copying another designer is a surefire way to land yourself amidst plenty of legal problems, not to mention ruin your reputation along the way. Remember, gathering inspiration is ok, just remember to maintain your credibility and keep your designs authentic.

So there you have it, the top 10 mistakes that graphic designers can make. Are you guilty of any of these? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments section below!


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